NBC Bay Area - Mass Shootings Spur San Bruno School to Hire Private Security

The Kingdom Group Project Methodology

The Kingdom Group’s approach to the security challenges faced by businesses sets it apart from other companies in the industry.  Our client’s long-term interest is always at the forefront of our concerns and efforts.  We employ six critical steps when designing and implementing security programs and operations:

 Assessment - The initial phase of the project, the assessment identifies both current and future risk management needs of the client, investigates the effectiveness of current security operations, and produces conclusions based upon vulnerabilities discovered to produce recommendations that guide future implementations.

Strategy - Vital evaluation of assessment results and implementation planning to include tasking, time frames, milestones, and success.

Preparation - The identification, procurement, and assignment of personnel and logistics needed to implement the Strategy.

Execution - The execution of the identified tasks set to the pre-determined expectations and milestones set forth within the Strategy

Oversight - Management of the execution is the critical factor determining the success of the project. Management Oversight ensures that schedules are met, policies are adhered to, and response is effective and timely to unforeseen obstacles.

Evaluation - The ongoingoversight and refinement of operations to produce accuracy and efficiency