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KGPS is a global risk management firm providing the highest level of executive protection, security consulting, business investigations, and security risk management training services to our clients. We consult with our clients to investigate your unique security challenges, so we can then create long-term security solutions to reduce future liability. KGPS has positioned ourselves as a strategic service provider with a strong footprint and true brick and mortar offices throughout the world.

In addition to our core line of services, KGPS offers the latest in GPS tracking devices, encryption communication packages, emergency response, real time intelligence, and the ground resources. We offer elite training for law enforcement, governments and the military to include the private sector for select security courses. We offer superior customer service on a global scale but we adapt to meet the specific needs of your work environment to mitigate risk and maintain your profitability.

We also offer weapons detection systems which can be developed and installed in locations such as airports, embassies, events with important people, and more. This technology is the detection of metals, metal weapons, or prohibited items through a system connected to your security cameras. The main advantage of this technology is that it shows on your screen the exact location where the object is positioned (metal or weapon) without notifying the wearer.

Corporately located in San Francisco, CA, KGPS has additional operations and personnel in key countries and cities throughout the world. KGPS is committed to offering the highest level of services for our clients. We offer unparalleled security and investigative solutions that mitigate risk, minimize loss, and retain cost effective business continuity for our clients through our excellent customer care, strategic communications, and hands-on management globally.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation. We offer 24/7 service. We are locally owned since 2012.


Learn More About Our Company

  • We are a PPO - Private Patrol Operator, Private investigator (both for the state of CA)
  • Offer veteran support
  • A strong commitment to our country
  • Programs for corporate giving to orphanages
  • Programs to offer education for children overseas
  • Our staff speaks Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Egyptian, Israeli, Pakistani, Japanese, Chinese, and German
  • We provide food and education to children around the globe, to include providing food to the homeless in our community
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